Submit your recommendations!

I’m a bit behind (lousy day job), but I figured this might be a slow start anyway. Hopefully it will grow over time,

However, I have created the submission form and the basic guidelines of what I am looking for.

Please submit recommendation links here.

And please, definitely spread the word and the link. The more people we get talking about the works, the better this Hugo season will be.

Links to recommendations for any category are being accepted, but especially need Best Semiprozine and Best Fan Writer recommendations ASAP.

Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Submit your recommendations!”

  1. And drat – submitted a rec for Interzone (which is of course a semiprozine) and forgot to use the drop-down, so it’s gone under the Best Dramatic Presentation category instead. I swear I will get the hang of this here Internet thing sooner or later. Can you fix this, or delete so I can resubmit, or something?


    1. Nope, that’s fine. I’m going to see if I can get it to default to the current focus category or something. But no problem. It just emails me right now, I don’t have anything automated. So I can handle it just fine.

      Thank you for submitting!


    1. It will be link round-up posts – with no commentary from me (or anyone else). If we get enough I will post daily (during weekdays only most likely). If I can get another couple submitted, I will post one tomorrow, but I basically envision a post with:


      (web link)Awesome Story by John Doe(end web link) – Preview sentence or two will be stated here.

      (web link)Other Way Cool Story by Jane Smith(end web link) – Preview sentence or two here, blah blah blah.


      I debated including who is making the recommendation, but ultimately, I think it shouldn’t really matter overall (and after you click the link, you can see). Also, I would have to include a couple extra fields in case the person submitting isn’t the person who wrote the recommendation, blah blah. Ultimately, I included the “your name” field on the form so I can see if anyone is sending in a lot, so I can thank them and get their opinion on how it’s going, etc.

      But that is all I’m interested in. I am NOT building a slate, or juried recommendation list, or anything. I am not commenting one way or another on the recommendations. I just want to encourage people to talk about what they enjoyed, and most importantly, why. Whatever someone’s opinion of the 2015 Hugos is, I think it’s pretty easy to agree that the nomination stage is very important. In the past, myself and many others have waited until afterwards to use the nominee list as a reading list rather than taking part in nominations.

      So I am just looking to encourage discussion of award-worthy works (however each of us decides on “award-worthiness”) and help point people to those discussions and recommendations.

      I am also figuring this out as I go, and am open to any suggestions.


  2. Hi,

    I’m confused about how to make a recommendation. I want to rec a SemiProzine. I don’t have a link to a write-up or review about this semiprozine, which is required. This is my personal rec. I don’t have a website to write-up a review on. So if I don’t have a link to a review, I can’t make a rec?


    1. Yeah, I was worried about that. I’m not sure I have the resources (especially time) to set up something to handle hosting recommendations, but I might have to take a look into the best way to do that.

      In the meantime, some options out there to consider:

      • Facebook posts set to “Public”
      • I believe this LiveJournal community is open for anyone to join and post recommendations. (LJ is acting wonky with my log-in today, so I haven’t been able to join and test it.)
      • Set up a quick and dirty simple blog – lotsa free options out there but honestly probably overkill for a few recommendations
      • Usual review locations like Goodreads or retailers like Amazon– unfortunately, not ideal for something like Semiprozine which is for the entire publication not an individual issue, but for other works could be ideal
      • This wiki is trying to make a list of as many eligible works as possible. It also allows comments, so it might be a good place to have some discussion. *shrug*

      There are probably other options out there as well. If none of these work for you, let me know and I can see about setting something up. The more I think about it, I have an idea or two that might be manageable.

      My goal is not to exclude anyone!


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