Best Semiprozine Part 3

Last of our round-ups for Semiprozine (click each for the full recs). Next week we start Best Fan Writer! If you still want to submit Best Semiprozine recommendations, go ahead. My current plan is to include them in the Late Arrivals round-up at the end of the season.

Apex Magazine – Apex is a consistently excellent online zine that includes new as well as known writers from around the world.

Black Gate – A quarterly magazine that focuses on sword and sorcery fantasy but emphasize stories with more characterization and wordsmithing than the norm.

GigaNotoSaurus – This is simple but effective: one novelette per month, posted on a website with a snazzy dinosaur banner.

Lightspeed Magazine – Recommending last year’s winner isn’t very imaginative, but the fact remains that Lightspeed is putting out consistently good fiction, and has some real gems in there.

Unlikely Story – A quirky series of themed pseudo-academic journals that strikes my love of sci fi/fantasy and academics very nicely.

Uncanny – Firstly, the shallowest reason to like Uncanny: the covers are absolutely gorgeous, each and every one. …Their published fiction includes some truly excellent pieces.

And rather shorter so far than what I am looking for, but an open thread with 2 recs right now, but you can keep an eye on:

Sci Phi Journal and Daily Science Fiction

2 thoughts on “Best Semiprozine Part 3”

  1. Thanks again for organizing this website. I appreciate the open recs post, and the fact that you linked back to it here.

    I’d like to suggest a monthly “late arrivals” post (depending on how many you get, of course.)

    Thanks also to everyone participating!


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