Best Fan Writer Part 1

Late in the week, but here areseveral Best Fan Writer recommendations. If I get some more in over the next day, I will do a second post. Otherwise, start gearing up for Best Professional Artist. That should be plenty of fun!

Aaron Pound – Regular and frequent blogger and reviewer whose criticisms inject a welcome note of moderation into fan debates.

Brandon Kempner from Chaos Horizon – What Kempner is doing at Chaos Horizon in his Hugo and Nebula predictive articles… is simply outstanding

Galactic Journey – A fictional time traveller blogs fannish and real-world events from the 1950s and 60s.

Mike Glyer – Veteran fan and producer of File 770. Notable for a very thorough and even-handed approach to fannish news gathering.

Natalie Luhrs – Blogger on SF and feminist issues; recent essay in Uncanny (co-written with Annalee Flower Horne) has excited some comment; an intelligent and expressive fan writer.

Rhiannon Thomas – On her blog, Rhiannon Thomas provides thoughtful but accessible analysis of SFF movies, novels, and other media from a feminist perspective.

Somber – A merger of the Fallout and My Little Pony franchises. … This is fanfic written with a razor blade, tenderly wrapped in tattered velvet.

Sad Puppy 4 thread – Also, generally very short recommendations (except for the two above) but also wide ranging with at least another 17 more Best Fan Writer candidates so far.