Best Professional Artist – Part 1

Here are a series of recommendations for Best Professional Artist. The images included below are just samples – please click the artist names for the full recommendations.

Cynthia Sheppard

Sheppard’s subtly detailed images and lovely, atmospheric colors have appeared on the covers of Karen Memory, The Iron Assassin, and the forthcoming A Daughter of No Nation, as well as on a number of 2015 Magic: The Gathering cards.

Galen Dara

Former Best Fan Artist winner and Best Professional Artist nominee Galen Dara produced several beautiful, powerful images this year for the short story collection Three Slices. Her work also appeared on the cover of Kevin Hearne’s Two Tales of the Iron Druid Chronicles.

Joey Hi-Fu

Professional cover artist and illustrator with a bold and distinctive style.

Milan Jaram

Bastion is a new science fiction magazine publishing digitally on the first of every month… Their cover artist is Milan Jaram and every cover is absolutely gorgeous.

Pye Parr

Professional artist working for 2000 AD; does comics and book covers in a range of styles, effective and striking.

Richard Anderson

When reviewing covers and other works for best pro artist, a couple jumped right to the top of my list (Empire Ascendant cover and Dinosaur Lords – especially interior art) and I quickly realized, they were by the same artist.


Also, this weekend I will be posting links to several of the pro artist recommendation lists out there since there are a large number of them that list the artists of show a piece of their art or two but don’t have actual write-ups. But a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

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