Best Editor (Short Form) Recommendations

I have to give a big thanks to stevejwright for actually keeping up with submitting recommendations far better than I have been with posting them. Great work!

John Gregory Betancourt – Moving spirit behind the Wildside Press “Megapack” series, doing a lot of work to preserve “Golden Age” SFF stories for today’s electronic mass market.

Paula Goodlett – Editor of Grantville Gazette, the bi-monthly supplement to Eric Flint’s main storyline 1632 universe.

David Steffen – Editor of “The Long List Anthology”, the collection of short fiction that might have made the 2015 Hugo ballot in a different timeline.

Ian Whates – Editor for the “Solaris Rising” SF anthology series and the collected short fiction of Paul Cornell.


Up next – Best Fanzines! 2016 is looming on the horizon and nominations will begin in earnest. So let’s take some time to consider all of these categories (especially some of the lesser known ones like Best Fanzine).


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