Best Fanzine Recommendations

Broken Toys – Personal zine of noted fan artist Taral Wayne.

Chaos Horizon – Outstanding fanzine. This is possibly my only sure thing nomination that i know is hitting my ballot next year.

File 770 – An invaluable resource for anyone trying to find out more about “this thing you call fandom”.

The MT Void – Bills itself as the newsletter of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society; reviews and articles on a wide range of topics.

Opuntia – Canadian fanhistory and reviews zine edited by Dale Speirs

Planetary Stories– Edited by Shelby Vick: a spirited attempt to re-create an old-style pulp SF magazine, in the style of Campbell or Gernsback.

Rocket Stack Rank – RSR has devoted an incredible amount of thought and dedication into creating a useful, definitive resource for discovering great stories in the huge ocean of genre short fiction.
And they got everything right.

Up Next: Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)!! 

FYI: The general cut off for Short Form vs. Long Form Dramatic Presentation, I believe, is 90 minutes. However, that is only a general guide. If something would be considered a “feature film” and appears in theaters but is only 85 minutes long, it is typically included in Long Form. Also, if a TV episode is either an extra-long special episode or a 2 episode arc, or whatever that winds up making it longer than 90 minutes, it is still lumped together with other TV episodes in Short Form.

So it’s really TV shows and movies. HOWEVER – although they are often overlooked by TV and movies, professional radio and audio productions are included here depending on their size. (*cough* Welcome to Night Vale *cough*cough*) 🙂  So keep professional podcasts, radio dramas (the BBC has been producing some great ones of these) in mind.

I believe audiobooks are included with the usual fiction size, but if the strength of the nomination is on the performance (especially full cast audiobooks, and even some like Graphic Audio where it falls between standard audiobook and radio drama) might be worthy considerations for Best Dramatic Presentation.

So send in those recommendations!

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