Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) 1 of 3 – Short Films

Well, this was definitely a very popular category. So much so, that I am going to break it up into 3 posts, especially since a number of recommendations are not the usual television episodes, which I think is great! Nothing wrong with TV, but for considering recommendations, I am all for looking far and wide for the best sci-fi/fantasy of the year.

Today will be Short Films. Tomorrow will be Podcasts & Other Audio. Friday will be Television Episodes.

Next week I want to work on catching up by jumping to Best Fan Artist. Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form) is another one that will have a lot of interest, but I think, unlike Short Form, will have a smaller variety of obvious choices (although this year, that are some really great choices!). It should be fine later in the season, possibly in a shortened week.

Short Film Recommendations

Kung Fury

Every Michael Bay movie wants to be this when it grows up.  Every. Single. One.

(additional, but briefer, recs at Sad Puppies 4 and I heartily recommend this as well!)


The Shaman

The story is an amazing and seamless blend of ancient and futuristic with a shaman entering a netherworld to try and convert the soul of massive robotic engine of destruction.


Uncanny Valley

Short but very well-produced film about VR immersive gaming – with an unexpected twist.


World of Tomorrow

A woman brings her younger self into the future and gives her a tour.

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