Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) 2 of 3 – Podcasts and Audio

The three parts of Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) are:

  1. Short Films
  2. Podcasts & Audio (this post)
  3. TV Episodes

“Endless Forms Most Beautiful” by Nightwish – Symphonic metal album with more science fact than fiction but with a nod to fantasy as well (one track, “Edema Ruh”, is about the nomadic entertainers of that name from Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicle).

Limetown: “Scarecrow” – The midpoint between Welcome top Night Vale, Serial, and The X-Files, Limetown is an utter treat that stands as a pivotal moment in podcasting. In this episode, Lia interviews Deidre.

PBS’s The Race for Space (music and spoken word) and Frankenstein by the Mechanisms – (UK-based steampunk folk band The Mechanisms looks to have you covered. Retelling the classic gothic tale as a ten-minute song about a rogue AI)

Red Panda Adventures Episode 114 “final chapter” of the Red Panda Adventures.” – The Red Panda Adventures is a modern version of an old time radio comic book superhero adventure. The writing is great, the acting is even better.

Welcome to Night Vale “Best Of?” – Prairie Home Companion meets the Twilight Zone  –  but with regular host Cecil on vacation, former host Leonard Burton comes out of supposed retirement to share clips from Cecil’s early career in a way that only makes sense in Night Vale.

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