End is Near! Send me Recs!

Hugo recommendation season is winding down, and thankfully many people are talking about recommendations. Last time I opened it up to everything, which, unfortunately, meant I didn’t get much of anything. 🙂

A few recommendations came through, but let’s try to push this through to the end and hit every category. So today and tomorrow (Tuesday and Wednesday) submit recommendations for Best Related Work and Best Editor (Long Form). Then I will do a couple days of the next, etc.

To get you started, I know George R.R. Martin had several good posts on Editor (Long Form):


And one on Related Work:


Sad Puppies 4 has been getting some ink lately (and not necessarily in a good way), but their comment threads do have some good starting points to look for works to consider:

Best Editor (Long Form) and Best Related Work

The Bay Area Science Fiction Association has a site listing their recommendations including for our current purposes:

Best Editor (Long Form) and Best Related Work

[If you know of other recommendation round-ups, let me know! These are ones I just happened to already have seen, but certainly far from thorough.]

Unfortunately, many of these are just lists with little to no information. So, they are useful starting points to consider recommendations, but I am most interested in hearing WHY they should be recommended. At least a paragraph, please. So, do some considering today and tomorrow and then, please, post some recommendations and then submit the links! (I will also leave this open for comments if you want to post recommendations here rather than in your own blogs/Facebook/Goodreads/other spaces. Just please tell us why the work or person should be recommended, not just listing a name or title. Thanks!!


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