6 thoughts on “Avengers: Age of Ultron Discussion”

  1. This is a tough year since I saw and enjoyed all 5 of the finalists. So, considering all check the “was enjoyable” box, I need to move on to more stringent criteria. That’s where I’m at.

    I have to disagree in that I thought Ultron was a great villain, but admittedly pretty much due entirely to James Spader’s acting than the writing. With a different actor, I’m not sure I would have liked him as much as I did. The introduction of the Vision was also excellent and jumped him to the top of my list of favorite MCU characters despite only being in 1/3 of 1 movie, if that.

    The fun banter was there, the characters were all enjoyable, but I think one of the movie’s biggest problems is the first Avengers. That movie raised the bar so high that just attaining that level again would otherwise be quite an achievement, but instead looks like more of the same. (Albeit, that “more of the same” is a ton of fun to me, so keep bringing it on and I will keep giving Marvel money – just not sure about awards.)

    In originality, the “AI that wants to destroy the world to save it… or something” storyline wasn’t anything special, even the “Stark and Banner as mad scientists” came across as more muddled than original. So, ultimately, I thoroughly enjoyed it even on re-watching and wasn’t disappointed at all. However, I’m not finding that deeper substance that is needed to make it rise above the rest of these awesome finalists this year in order for it to win the Hugo award. Not sure it will be bottom of my ranking, but not likely to be the top either.


    1. I enjoyed it too! But I’m fresh off watching Civil War, which was really good (I think it’s the best MCU movie since the original Avengers, and perhaps even better), and it’s made me a lot more critical of Age of Ultron.


  2. This was the only one of the five movies that I had yet to see. The superhero genre has never been my cup of tea, and I know a bare minimum about the Marvel Universe. So I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it. I thought the story and the pacing were good. It stood on its own well enough that I never felt lost in spite of it being part of a much larger series. I enjoyed the characterization and the relationships between the characters. Even though the cast was huge, it didn’t overwhelm me. They were all very distinct, and there was a nice balance between them. However, it didn’t beat the three finalists that were on my own nomination ballot so I’m going to be ranking it fourth.


  3. The interesting thing about Age of Ultron is how it is going to suffer by comparison with its MCU stablemates. 10 years ago we’d have been ecstatic at a Marvel adaption at this level, but now it gets a rather middling reaction.


    1. Yeah, we’ve gotten spoiled for quality. This is a really good, entertaining movie. Even 5 years earlier, we might have been WHOA! But now it’s, meh, not good enough MCU work. Even with plenty of both ‘splosions and character bits.


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