4 thoughts on “Ex Machina”

  1. I watched this just yesterday and I think it’s going to my #1 pick. I loved so many things about it – the tightness of the narrative, the striking visuals, the eerie, minimalist score that’s subtle and soothing in the day scenes and tense, booming, near-claustrophobic in the night scenes. And the actors are all really good, particularly Alicia Vikander who’s utterly believable as Ava.

    There’s a lot of attention paid to detail too. From the beginning there are red herrings that Caleb might not be human – the circuit-like lighting of his body in the very first scene, the big scar on his back in the shower scene – and it all comes to a head in the extremely creepy part where he slashes open his arm. The end shot of Caleb banging on the glass wall as Ava walks away mirrors the earlier scene of a robot furiously pounding on the glass door until its arms fall to pieces.


  2. This was one of my nominees and my favorite. It’s clever and thought-provoking, horrifying yet humorous. The acting is excellent, especially Alicia Vikander. Plus, it’s visually beautiful.


  3. I enjoyed the visual aspect of this and found the ending not entirely predictable. It’s an interesting take on the Future Eve, thoughtful and well-executed, and at least self-aware about the inherent misogyny of the beautiful female android trope.


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