4 thoughts on “The Martian Discussion”

  1. This was another one of my nominees and my second favorite of the finalists. I loved the book, and the movie actually improved on two tiny nitpicks I had about the book. First, I thought the book put poor Mark Watney through an over-the-top, ridiculous amount of crap. The movie naturally had to trim some of this out. Second, I thought the ending was a little abrupt so I enjoyed the “where are they now?” epilogue that the movie added. And of course, Matt Damon was brilliant.


  2. I enjoyed this tremendously. I haven’t read the book and I’m not sure if I’d have liked Mark Watney’s humor in text form, but the execution here was perfect. Matt Damon was in fine form.

    I’ll also be ranking this #2 (behind Ex Machina) but I certainly wouldn’t mind if it won.


  3. I confess I found this movie kind of boring. Some very cool effects and it’s fun to see how Watney manages things, but the plot is very linear, and since it’s pretty much a given he’ll be rescued, there was no tension for me.


  4. I enjoyed this a lot. I thought the movie didn’t quite have the same “voice” for Watney as the book did, but the charm of the actor who played him made up for a lot in that department.

    I seem to recall that the movie left out/glossed over the rollover accident Watney had on the way to his launch point, which I thought was a shame. Time-wise they had to cut *something* but I found that incident particularly riveting.

    I haven’t decided yet what order I will set things in (haven’t seen one of the movies yet for one thing.).


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