1941 Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)

And now, our first category of Retros!! I haven’t paid much attention to past Retro Hugos, but I’m hoping to change that this year. It is an interesting look into the past of the genre, as well as interesting to view these with the hindsight of knowing their impact. Do you consider them as a voter in 1941 might have, looking only at the work? (If that’s even possible.) Or do you take into account the cultural impact the work may or may not have had? Or do you take this opportunity to lift up a neglected work that deserves to be better remembered than it was?


When looking for these, make sure to watch out for other versions from different years. Look for the 1940 version.

1941 Finalist Netflix Hulu iTunes Amazon YouTube
Dr. Cyclops No no no DVD/VHS Yes
Fantasia Yes no no DVD/Blu-Ray no
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe no no no Rent, Free with CONtv? (free trial), DVD Yes
One Million B.C.  no no no used VHS Yes
The Thief of Bagdad no Yes no DVD/Blu-Ray no

Any thoughts on which are worthy for the Hugo Award?

As always, keep in mind the Comment Rules, and let’s discuss the Hugo finalists!

4 thoughts on “1941 Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)”

  1. I think they’re all valid contenders…. “Fantasia” is probably the most spectacular, but arguably the least SFnal; “Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe” is the last and very much the weakest of the Flash Gordon serials. (Compared to the mighty original, it has insipid direction, weak characterization, and is using mostly recycled props and costumes from other productions, rather than the quite spectacular original designs in the first serial. It’s still worth watching, of course, but it’s not the best.)

    The British production “The Thief of Bagdad” might be the one that got least notice from the 1941 potential voters (the US had its own entertainment, and British SF fans were, err, a bit busy at the time.) Nonetheless, it’s a strong piece of fantasy film-making for its day, and I’m inclined to rate it over agreeable B-movies such as “Doctor Cyclops” and “One Million B.C.” (I may be using the term “B-movies” slightly anachronistically, there, but I think you know what I mean!)


  2. I don’t see Fantasia on Hulu, just Netflix. Thanks for tracking availability down. I’m going to prioritize 2016 finalists, but hopefully I can fit in some of the Retro works in too.


    1. Whoops, my bad on the Fantasia/Hulu goof. Was trying to compile them too quickly when I first made the chart and didn’t double check them today. Thanks for the catch!

      Good luck and enjoy the watching! I’m in the lucky position this year that I have already watched all of the 2016 finalists (some multiple times), so I’m hoping to work through the Retro ones sooner rather than later. Need to start on the novels, however. I’m not as up on either list of those and there’s only so many weeks left!


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