2016 Best Fan Artist

It’s (shortened) Art Week at Hugo Rec! So let’s start with the fans before moving onto the Pros.

The 2016 Best Fan Artist finalists are:

Unfortunately, only 3 have works in the packet, but I did some searching and turned up sites for all of them. However, all the work on those sites aren’t necessarily eligible. I haven’t taken the time to sort through and see what is from last year and is fan rather than professional work, but it’s at least a good starting point especially for the two who aren’t in the packet.

So, who is at the top of your list?

As always, keep in mind the Comment Rules, and let’s discuss the Hugo finalists!

One thought on “2016 Best Fan Artist”

  1. Well, Steve Stiles gets my vote, I think.

    The main thing is, the others are – mostly – technically proficient, but very generic. Christian Quinot and disse86, well, there is probably a proper name for their style, but I tend to think of it as “Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual” style, as that’s where I’ve seen it most often… and I’ve seen quite a lot of it, and I’m not sure what makes these two exponents of that style stand out. (In fact, if you took the pictures in those two galleries and shuffled them, I’m not sure I could tell which one of them had done what.)

    The Kukuruyo stuff – or Ku Kuru Yo, as it seems to be in the voting packet – is in a different, but equally common, style; basically, a preponderance of anime-styled monster girls. I don’t think you can chuck a brick on Deviant Art without hitting a couple like that. (The image which [ahem] excited comment is not included in the voting packet. But there’s probably about 5,271,009 like that on Deviant Art, too.) (There is nothing much NSFW in the packet submission, although the picture titled “Sexy Ants” is presumably intended to be mildly erotic. Given that the two ladies appear to have grey and black chitinous skins, I’d say extremely mildly erotic, unless you have some sort of chafing fetish.)

    I suppose the “Galactic Warfighter” stuff – carefully posed dioramas of clone-trooper figures, shot in bleak and moody monochrome – is a bit different, at least. And it would be a category mistake, really, to complain about “lack of personality” in pictures of characters who would all be physically identical even if they weren’t wearing buckets on their heads. But, well, this is really very niche-interest stuff, and I’m not in that particular niche.

    Really, personality is the issue, for me. Take a look at the Stiles samples in the voter packet – that little fat stompy guy carrying the gas can for his spaceship has more distinctive character than the other four finalists all rolled into one. (Can’t help comparing this with last year, too – the fan art finalists all had *very* distinct styles; one was even working in a completely different medium. Last year was *much* more interesting.)


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