2016 Best Graphic Story

And following up on Art Week is Graphic Story week. Although, please feel free to look back at any past week and add your thoughts. Still almost 2 months left to review these works.

Our finalists are:

  • The Divine written by Boaz Lavie, art by Asaf Hanuka and Tomer Hanuka (First Second, 161 page PDF in the packet)
  • Erin Dies Alone written by Grey Carter, art by Cory Rydell (dyingalone.net – webcomic with 75 pages in 2015)
  • Full Frontal Nerdity by Aaron Williams (ffn.nodwick.com – webcomic with 80 strips in 2015)
  • Invisible Republic Vol 1 written by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman, art by Gabriel Hardman (Image Comics, 149 page PDF in the packet)
  • The Sandman: Overture written by Neil Gaiman, art by J.H. Williams III (Vertigo, 85 page PDF in the packet)

So, who is at the top of your list?

As always, keep in mind the Comment Rules, and let’s discuss the Hugo finalists!

3 thoughts on “2016 Best Graphic Story”

    1. Also the artwork is weirdly blurred in the Overture PDF. (Weird because the text is sharp; it’s only the pictures that look out of focus). I have a physical copy from the library and J.H. Williams’ art is gorgeous.


  1. So far, Sandman: Overture is the only one I’ve read (and I bought my own hardcopy, so issues with the PDF don’t matter). It is, definitely, rather gorgeous – and it’s a strong addition to the Sandman series, too; it ties in to all sorts of things in the other stories, and manages to answer questions about them that I didn’t know I was asking. That’s pretty canny writing, at the very least.

    I’m not sure how well it stands alone – certainly not the ideal entry point to the series, I think – but if you’re a Sandman fan, the chances are you will like this a lot. I know I did.

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