Best Short Dramatic Presentations Next Week

Next week we will be discussing both Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) categories.

If you are looking for some stuff to watch this weekend, they would be some great options!

2016 Finalists

Doctor Who: “Heaven Sent”
Grimm: “Headache”
Jessica Jones: “AKA Smile”
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: “The Cutie Map” Parts 1 and 2
Supernatural: “Just My Imagination”

For the 2016 finalists, Jessica Jones is currently Netflix only. The Doctor Who, Grimm, and Supernatural episodes look like they are only available for purchase at the typical places (iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play) although if you have cable, I would check their On Demand listings. (Oh, and the UK among us can likely watch Doctor Who online through the BBC site.) My Little Pony does have those episodes on Netflix as well as I’m pretty sure available at the major retailers. So with Netflix and $6, you should be able to see all of them.

1941 Finalists

The Adventures of Superman: “The Baby from Krypton”
The Invisible Man Returns
Looney Tunes: “You Ought to Be in Pictures”
Merrie Melodies: “A Wild Hare”

The Retro finalists look like they are all available on YouTube in various forms, except for Pinocchio. I didn’t have time to check for pay versions, which is nice to support the owners, but considering most of them are 10-12 minute shorts, it might take a bit of digging to find which compilation includes them.

Pinocchio is the oddball here in that I couldn’t find the proper version – not even for purchase at the major streaming ones. If you are like me, you probably have a dusty VHS copy in those annoying oversized cases lying around, but probably no longer have anything to watch it on. (I hope I’m not the only one with boxes full of VHS tapes and no VCR, right?) I’m sure there are copies of questionable legality out there on the net (there is a version on YouTube but the audio is whacky – probably to avoid copyright detection) but you are on your own hunting for those. Looks like even the physical media copies aren’t very common. If someone knows of a legit, quality source, feel free to chime in. I didn’t dig into it too deeply, but the standard stops didn’t turn up anything. Otherwise, might have to just look back into many of our childhoods and see what we remember of it.


Alright, see you next week! Happy watching!

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