Comment Rules

This is a preliminary set of comment rules, they may expand in the future.

  1. Kindness Rule – Be kind. If someone trolls either correct their facts or ignore them. I know “Don’t feed the trolls” isn’t always a good practice, but “No personal attacks, even on trolls” does seem workable.
  2. Merits Rule – At this site, we are interested in discussing the merits of the work. How works were nominated, larger cultural issues, etc. are all very important and should be discussed, but not here – unless it’s inherent to the work itself. Basically, pretend that you live under a rock and were presented these finalists cold with no idea how they were nominated. Your thought process in voting may be very different, and that’s ok.
  3. No Puppies, No Slates Rule – Following the above point, I can’t see any real need to even mention any type of the Puppies, or even slates at all. Anyone is welcome to comment here, but we are completely neutral on how works were nominated. It is important enough to state it twice, just talk about the work itself.
  4. No Meh Rule – Personal pet peeve – “Meh” isn’t an opinion. If your contribution to a conversation is that you don’t have an opinion, then you aren’t actually contributing, you are just wasting our time. It is ok to listen without speaking. Really, trust me it is. If you have a “Meh” and then follow it up with a paragraph of what you found weak about the work, then the “Meh” was useless and you can delete it anyway.
  5. Justice is Not Swift Rule – My moderation may be slow, but it will be thorough. If someone violates these rules or is generally causing trouble, just move on or at most correct facts. I may not be in there immediately to moderate, but I definitely will be there eventually.

Thank you.

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