Submit Hugo Recommendation Links

Current Focus Category: None

Next Focus Category: Next Year!

Please submit links to recommendations using the following form. A few ground rules for what I am interested in:

  1. Obviously works/people eligible for the 2016 Hugos. So published/released in 2015. If in doubt, go ahead and submit, but maybe mention the eligibility question.
  2. Make your best guess on categories. Just like the actual recommendations, don’t panic if you aren’t sure if it’s a novelette or novella, for example.
  3. I want recommendations. I want to know what you LIKED not what you didn’t like. It doesn’t have to be 100% positive, but unless you think it should be nominated on it’s merits, then don’t submit it to me.
  4. No attacks or harassing. This falls into the “I don’t see this as a problem, but should preemptively mention” category. Saying “This book is great because it’s so much better than that derivative crap Scalzi writes” (or whomever, I’m sure he understands) is not the vibe I’m looking for. “Nominating this will make the Puppies/SJWs/etc.’s heads explode” is so far removed from the vibe that I don’t know what to say. You can state that something is great without belittling or attacking other things. If you need to trip everyone in order to say you are the tallest person in the room, you are missing the point.
  5. At least 150 words. People recommend stuff all the time. I want you to tell us WHY you recommend it and WHY you loved it. “X is a great book! You have got to read it!” is nice and all, but I want  to know why. (Note: I see A LOT of discussion that won’t meet this requirement. I would like to keep this requirement in place, but if it winds up being too high a bar in order to have enough recommendations, then I might lower it. But, really, if something is so great that it deserves to be nominated for a Hugo Award, you should be able to write at least a single paragraph saying why.)
  6. Submit for any category, but please try to submit for the current or next Focus Week. Until Thursday night, I really need recommendations for the current Focus Week, as well as recommendations to prepare for the following week. Plus, my naive hope is that we can work towards enough discussion around each category that others notice and take part in the discussion.
  7. Enjoy the work. That is what the Hugo Awards are all about. Enjoying the work – whatever that means for you. Whether it is deep, literary or “just plain fun” or the language or the characters or plots with twists or hard-sf or science fantasy or only liking things that can’t be classified. Enjoy your sci fi and fantasy, and please share with us that enjoyment.

Thank you.

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