1941 Best Professional Artist

Now onto the Retro artists

I couldn’t find them on Deviant Art (ha! I crack myself up), but I did find a nice Pulp Artists site that has works for each of them. It doesn’t have many for the specific year in question, but it at least provides some clear examples of their style and talent until we hopefully get some examples in the Retro Packet.

So, who is at the top of your list?

As always, keep in mind the Comment Rules, and let’s discuss the Hugo finalists!

Update: Hat tips to Bartimaeus, for the link to Amazing Stories’ cover gallery and Steve J Wright for the link to many of Frank R. Paul’s works.

2016 Best Fan Artist

It’s (shortened) Art Week at Hugo Rec! So let’s start with the fans before moving onto the Pros.

The 2016 Best Fan Artist finalists are:

Unfortunately, only 3 have works in the packet, but I did some searching and turned up sites for all of them. However, all the work on those sites aren’t necessarily eligible. I haven’t taken the time to sort through and see what is from last year and is fan rather than professional work, but it’s at least a good starting point especially for the two who aren’t in the packet.

So, who is at the top of your list?

As always, keep in mind the Comment Rules, and let’s discuss the Hugo finalists!

Best Fan Artist Recommendations

Quiet week, but we have a few recommendations, plus some great lists to review and judge on your own. Now, let’s get some recommendations flowing in for Best Novel! I KNOW everyone has several opinions on that one. Plus with nominations open now, recommendations are on plenty of our minds.

From Eric Wong:

Here are five I liked. The links point to work they did in 2015 and to their websites.
Antonio Caparo
Feliks Grzesiczek
Sam Burley
Tyler Edlin
Xiao Ran

From Leah:

I would ask that Richard Man be considered for Best Fan Artist.

Richard is a photographer who has been documenting fandom as a labor of love. I believe many of the portraits in his “Worldbuilders of Science Fiction and Fantasy” were taken in 2015, as were many of the photos in “Transformations: Cosplay”.

From me:

My family can’t get enough of Karen Hallion’s work. Her mash-ups are the epitome of online fandom art, and are often emotionally moving in simple pictures.

As for some lists to check:

RocketStackRank has an excellent directory of artists based upon their fan and semiprozine collections and rankings. Check it out. Now. We will wait for you to come back.

The Hugo Eligible Art(ists) Tumblr has had a focus on Fan Artists this year. Another awesome resource you should go check.

I haven’t had a chance to read through the Sad Puppy 4 thread for this category, but there’s 21 comments, so unless there’s 1 artists listed and 20 people responding, I’m guessing there’s plenty to consider there as well. 🙂

So go enjoy some art!!!

And then recommend some novels! I’m eager to hear both people’s opinions of the novels that had a lot of award buzz leading up to their release as well as lesser hyped novels that I might not have heard about before. So post and submit links to those recommendations!


Submit Best Fan Artist Recommendations

Alrighty, 2016 is off to a very rocky start with my family (it’s not a good week that starts with your teenage daughter attending the funeral of one of her friends), but to be grandiose for a moment, there are still amazing things out there that make being a human being experiencing the universe at this point in history a grand and wonderful thing, and art is very high among them.

So let’s get some Best Fan Artist recommendations in, and share the amazing work that has been created this past year. I’m eager to be entertained, distracted, awed, touched, and inspired and I hope the rest of you are as well.

So post recommendations on your blogs or Facebook, or if you don’t have a place, SP4 has their open threads, and then please submit links to the recommendations with our form. I will also leave this post open for recommendation comments.

I know some artists aren’t always clear on what year their work is from, or sometimes whether it is professional or fan work, but just use your best guess and when in doubt, recommend anyway! Just note you aren’t sure about eligibility and maybe someone else more familiar (or the artists themselves) can clarify.

Lastly, it looks like nominations are opening any day now, and we are still well behind schedule. So I may group a few items up (like novella and novelette perhaps since both are rarer and sometime people are unsure of which category a work belongs), but we will see. I don’t want to shortchange any category, but this first year is working out the kinks and seeing what works and what doesn’t. I can rethink things for next year.

However, next week I will be on point with posting for one of the biggies – Best Novel. So get ready to start recommending those!

Thank you and take care.

Best Professional Artist Recommendations

This week is Best Professional Artist which I have definitely been looking forward to! With that I add an option to the submission form for a preview image if there is one particular image you think stands out. Also, we can see about using it when we get to things like Novels and other works that have definite covers. Either way, it’s optional right now.

If you are unsure if the work is eligible for Best Professional Artist or Best Fan Artist, just take your best guess (Best Fan Artist is in January to mix it up some). It is based on whether the artwork appeared in a professional publication, not on whether the artist is a full time artist or paid for their work. So a general rule of thumb is if it is a book cover or interior illustration of a book or professional magazine, it is professional work. Other stuff including semiprozine art or art on websites (personal, Deviant Art, etc.) is probably fan art – even if the artist is a full time artist living off of t-shirts and other merchandising.

A great place to start looking – and to possibly post recommendations – is on Tumblr, and the Hugo Eligible Art 2015 tumblr blog.  I have discovered several new artists there. It includes both Professional and Fan art, but they are usually tagged whether they are fan or pro art.

Comments are open for those who don’t have another place to post, but I don’t know yet how well images will embed – and this is a week where images would be really handy. But I also heartily recommend posting to the Hugo Eligible Art 2015 tumblr blog mentioned above to help them have as wide of a repository as possible. The more who see recommendations and are informed this Hugo season, the better!

Please submit links to recommendations with this form (or as a comment below if you don’t have anywhere to post a rec).

Now let’s see some artwork!!