Submit Best Dramatic Presentations recommendations!

Here are the submission form and some general guidelines for all submissions.

This week(ish) I am collecting links to recommendations for Best Dramatic Presentation – Short Form and up next is Long Form. So feel free to start submitting both if you like!

Although I’m sure the (well-deserved) perennial recommendations for Doctor Who and Game of Thrones will appear (and please do recommend your favorites from each of those – don’t assume just because they are popular, you don’t need to speak up for them!), I am interested in seeing what other recommendations there are. Sci Fi television is growing nicely especially with Amazon and Netflix getting into the game, and SyFy making a turn back towards the SciFi (beyond MegaBearricane vs. SnailSuperStorm).

What is award-worthy this year and, most importantly, why is it award worthy?

It seems with TV and film, people are far more spoiler-worried, so I humbly request (but don’t require) if you want to include spoilers in your recommendation, please start with the spoiler-free stuff and then warn before hitting spoilers. It’s the polite thing to do. Plus, since that vast majority (if not all) of these will be episodes in an on-going series, it would be extra nice if you included some background info in case someone who has never watched/listened to the series wants to drop in on that one episode you recommend.

Also, TV series seem to always dominate this category, but audio productions qualify as well. So professional podcasts are included (why, oh why hasn’t Welcome to Night Vale not been nominated?!), as well as Radio Dramas common to the BBC (trying to track down if Good Omens was all in December of 2014 or if it lasted into early 2015, as well as what they definitely aired this year).

There is also the occasional series/season-as-a-whole for Long Form debate as well. At a glance, it seems only Heroes Season 1 was nominated and lost, and Game of Thrones Season 1 was nominated and won. So it’s rare, but with more and more of these shows having a much stronger central storyline across an entire season, I can easily seeing it become more common. Netflix is certainly moving in that direction with Daredevil and Sense8 and such (and I’m sure others, Amazon’s Man in the High Castle maybe?, but I’m behind in my watching). Add in mini-series and radio dramas, and I can see motion pictures getting some strong competition – although there are several strong movie contenders as well. Either way, submit your dramatic presentation recommendations of any length, and just make a best guess for category.

I’m sliding into being biased, so I will save that for my own recommendations I will write up in the next few days. If you don’t have a blog or other space of you own, Long Form dramatic presentation has an open thread at Weird Kitties if you like, and Sad Puppies 4 has open threads for Short Form and Long Form. Or I will leave comments open on this message for people to post recommendations if necessary. Remember, I prefer at least a paragraph saying why you loved it.

Thank you for your submissions, and let’s share the love for some great sci fi and fantasy presentations!