Best Fan Writer, 1941 & 2016

Unfortunately, given the compressed time frame, we need to have multiple a day. So today is Best Fan Writer for both 1941 and 2016.

1941 Best Fan Writer

  • Forrest J Ackerman
  • Ray Bradbury
  • H. P. Lovecraft
  • Bob Tucker
  • Harry Warner

2016 Best Fan Writer

  • Douglas Ernst
  • Mike Glyer
  • Morgan Holmes
  • Jeffro Johnson
  • Shamus Young

So, who is at the top of your list and why?

As always, keep in mind the Comment Rules, and let’s discuss the Hugo finalists!

Best Fan Writer Part 2

Our second and last Best Fan Writer recommendation post for now. Click the names to read the full recommendations.

Abigail Nussbaum – Nussbaum has a way of identifying the heart and core of every piece she reviews, understanding exactly what makes it tick, and drawing conclusions that are both intriguing and persuasive. She is never dull, but what I like best is that she is never without substance.

Adam Whitehead – He writes reviews, essays, and news about SFF books, movies, tv shows, and games. His reviews are always thorough and balanced allowing you to easily see how his opinions might compare with your own.

George R. R. Martin for his Not A Blog posts about the Hugo Awards – The ones I really enjoyed talk more about his own experience and knowledge of Fandom, Worldcon, and Hugo history.

Best Fan Writer Part 1

Late in the week, but here areseveral Best Fan Writer recommendations. If I get some more in over the next day, I will do a second post. Otherwise, start gearing up for Best Professional Artist. That should be plenty of fun!

Aaron Pound – Regular and frequent blogger and reviewer whose criticisms inject a welcome note of moderation into fan debates.

Brandon Kempner from Chaos Horizon – What Kempner is doing at Chaos Horizon in his Hugo and Nebula predictive articles… is simply outstanding

Galactic Journey – A fictional time traveller blogs fannish and real-world events from the 1950s and 60s.

Mike Glyer – Veteran fan and producer of File 770. Notable for a very thorough and even-handed approach to fannish news gathering.

Natalie Luhrs – Blogger on SF and feminist issues; recent essay in Uncanny (co-written with Annalee Flower Horne) has excited some comment; an intelligent and expressive fan writer.

Rhiannon Thomas – On her blog, Rhiannon Thomas provides thoughtful but accessible analysis of SFF movies, novels, and other media from a feminist perspective.

Somber – A merger of the Fallout and My Little Pony franchises. … This is fanfic written with a razor blade, tenderly wrapped in tattered velvet.

Sad Puppy 4 thread – Also, generally very short recommendations (except for the two above) but also wide ranging with at least another 17 more Best Fan Writer candidates so far.

Best Fan Writer – submit your recommendations!

That you all for some great recommendations last week for Best Semiprozine. Yet again, I’m a little late this week with getting Best Fan Writer going, which is unfortunate since it is a category that definitely deserves more attention than it normally gets! This is also the first of the award categories in the season devoted to a person rather than a work or series of works.

However, I do have some recommendations that have been submitted and will start posting them tomorrow. Additionally, I highly encourage everyone to consider Best Fan Writer recommendations. On the one hand, this is a category that is always on the low end of nominations, but on the other hand, it’s to a large extent it’s currently dominated by bloggers – which makes up a large chunk of the reading many of us do!

Mind you, Best Fan Writer doesn’t have to be blog writing, although that tends to be the majority. Basically, it is any SFF-related writing that does not appear in a professional publication. So semiprozine, fanzine, blog, whatever.

Furthermore, it seems that quite often professional writers are nominated and win the award as well. An interesting discussion about professionals winning Best Fan Writer occurred about a year and a half ago between Mike Glyer and John Scalzi. Definitely an interesting set of reads.

So please submit your recommendations over the next couple days – preferably through the online form in order to link to a blog, Facebook post, etc. or if you do not have any other decent options, as a comment in reply to this post. Just please make sure to take the time and explain WHY you liked that person’s work so much. If it is available online writing (such as a blog) a link would be useful as well.

Thank you!