Best Semiprozine Part 2

Black Gate – Online magazine with a focus on fantasy literature.  Notable for in-depth reviews and analysis of both current novels and genre classics.

Kaleidotrope – Quarterly online magazine of fantasy/SF stories and poetry.  It has a distinct leaning towards the strange and the quirky, and if that is your sort of thing, you’ll enjoy this.

Strange Horizons – Weekly magazine of stories, articles, poetry and reviews – leaning heavily towards in-depth articles and interestingly experimental fiction.  SF’s supposed to be the literature of ideas, and this zine tries very hard to prove it.

You can still submit more recommendations for Best Semiprozine until tonight! (Technically, until tomorrow morning – Eastern US – when I get up and collate the recs into a post.) 🙂 has an excellent list of eligible publications to peruse with links to their websites. Also,Rocket Stack Rank has an awesome resource that includes links on how to freely access or buy issues of the top magazines as well as the recommendation results of short stories organized by publication.

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